Eclipse Glasses 

In its simplest definition, an eclipse is when an object, usually the moon or sun, passes through the shadow of another. While the majority of people are familiar with the solar eclipse, which includes the passing of the sun, there is also a lunar eclipse which can be viewed if the timing is right. A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes in front of the sun's shadow. Catching sight of an eclipse is a unique and amazing event, and with that comes the importance of wearing the correct eyewear to protect the eyes.

Officially named Eclipse Shades Safe Solar Glasses, this unique pair of eyewear allows for anyone to view a live eclipse. They have been tested and proven safe for direct viewing of solar eclipses, sun spots, and other solar phenomenon. These eclipse glasses allow for solar viewing with their optical density being 5 or greater. In addition, they have been CE certified which meets the standard of transmission requirement on a scale of 12-16 of EN 169/1992.

Details of the lenses include a unique exclusive scratch resistant technology, with Black Polymer material. These shades also filter out 100% of the harmful ultra-violet rays, along with 100% of infrared and 99.99% of the intense visible light, which is otherwise harmful to the unprotected eye. With such strong material and filters used in these glasses, a sharper orange colored image of the sun can be viewed when wearing these.

No pictures or words alone can ever explain the phenomenon of viewing an eclipse for yourself. It is important to research Eclipse Glasses in order to protect the eyes against this amazing experience of the sky.