Eclipse Glasses

The Eclipse is an event that many people know about and are very much interested in watching unfold before their eyes. It is known that by watching the eclipse can cause serious harm to a persons eyes if they do not wear protective lenses. Some believe that it is safe to view an eclipse through binoculars since you are viewing through your naked eyes but using binoculars are yet as dangerous.

The standard model of sun glasses are strong enough to block out the sun but not strong enough to block the light from an eclipse. The most dangerous part of the eclipse is right before the moon is fully covered as the last bit of light can be stronger than the average light.

Where To Purchase Eclipse Glasses

A person can purchase Eclipse Glasses online from the comfort of their home from many different sites. One popular site that can be used is which allows the user to locate the eclipse glasses with ease. The cost of the glasses can also vary depending on the user as there are models for a $1.00 to $200.00. The cheaper glasses are made up of plastic and paper which can be recommended for a one time use. The more expensive shades are more durable for a longer period of use than the cheaper glasses which are available. Different colors are also available to the user from the many sites which sell the eclipse glasses for safe observation of eclipses.