Eclipse Glasses

You should never look at an eclipse without the correct eyewear because you could permanently damage your eyes.

Direct Viewing Solution - Eclipse Glasses

By wearing durable eclipse glasses, you can view the sun safely during an eclipse. Choose a pair of glasses that have a high number. A lower-numbered product will not shield the sunlight efficiently throughout the event. The best glasses are always made with quality solar filtering materials.

Buying Options - Brands to Consider

Eclipser Solar Viewing Glasses are sold as a pack. For about $9.00, you can get five Eclipse Glasses, which have a 5.0 optical density. Although these glasses are ideal for direct viewing, they cannot be used with telescopes, cameras, or binoculars.

Rainbow Symphony makes CE certified glasses that have scratch resistant lenses. Because the optical density is high, users can view sun spots and solar eclipses comfortably and safety. The filter blocks 100 percent of infrared light and 100 percent of ultra-violet light.

Buying Advice

If you want to study an eclipse, you must buy your glasses early. If you procrastinate, all of the suppliers will not have any inventory left. You can purchase quality glasses online or from a reputable retailer in your local area.

Safety Advice

The only time you can look at an eclipse without glasses is during the phase when the sun is completely covered. However, according to experts, viewers must still use some kind of eye protection because a small portion of the sun may shine behind the moon.